The sound of Polymer 

For the past two decades, artist, composer and producer Daniel Maalman has been absorbing and fusing all kinds of styles and genres of music into his creations. Under his Polymer alias, Daniel has evolved his multi-faceted style since 2013. With a unique blend of melancholic and soothing, throbbing and grooving, hypnotic and trippy, his sound can be enjoyed on dance floors as well as in living rooms, on festivals as well as in concerts. During his musical discovery journey, Daniel Polymer has joined forces with many other artists and musicians along the way.

The Polymer Experience

This is how The Polymer Experience came about: a multi-dimensional co-operative extravaganza show created and performed with other talented minds with the mission to translate the Polymer sound into other realms: visuals, vocals and performance. All visuals are created by Jan Barceló and Marta Lofi, in an old fashioned manual way, with messy fluids and paints, but in combination with 21st century technology. Through the co-operation with the amazingly talented singer BIBA, another layer of magic and a strong performative presence was added to the live experience in 2019.

For 2022 it is possible to book Polymer livesets and Polymer DJ sets, solo or in combination with live vocals by BIBA, and also our Polymer Experience show (with Polymer liveset, live vocals by BIBA and live visuals by Jan and Marta). This show is also possible with extra performers.

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Little Birds (Original Mix)                                  
Nautilus (Original Mix)                                  
                 Polymer & Señales
Sirens (Original Mix)                                  
Nimbara (Original Mix)                                  
Shift (Original Mix)                                  
Little Birds
Tayr Anour & RAiK - Just give Love ( Polymer Remix)